Inherent in the deep core of every human being, a profound virtue resides, which – at times – has been fallen asleep bemused by all kinds of illusions, fears and beliefs.
One Morning at this Sleeping Beauty’s own sweet will, she staightens herself charmingly up and starts moving towards the light.
If You are not listening nor following her moves it might rather be less funny – especially if Pluto and Uranus are involved ruling the direction themselves.
Then You’ll be chucked upright out of Your life ~ in which You got stuck ~ into an empire inbetween ... into some Nothing full of abysses, nightmares and obstacles.
You resist, You struggle, buck and suffer but it’s like drift sand: the more You fight, the more You bite the dust.
Until You rockbottom the desert where You may find the well of being.
By the time You are getting closer, You learn to surrender, to let go. And in strengthless gloomy and deserted nights You start to listen carefully to the whispering of the well’s spirit, Your virtue...
And as the seed had fallen on fertile ground, You open up and take what You discover was always there:
In my case this happened to be a camera, crystals and minerals of whom quite a few had gathered around me along the road.
In the magic of the sunlight colourful sparkling lights, bizzare shapes and whimsical guises are dancing into the eye of the camera.
From the deep and glowing bottom of being it starts to glow, to sparkle and shine – silently gentle but relentless calling.
The apparent rigidity starts to transform with every glance ... Movement comes into play. The journey has begun ... discovering the magic of the inner core.